From Passion to Profession

At Palazzo Landscape Design we do things differently.

Our Mission

Since Palazzo Landscape Design was founded in 2013, we’ve known that good landscape design is a collaborative process. Our mission is for you to love being outside in your yard, and that means our clients are an integral part of our team.

Your yard needs to reflect you, and we collaborate with our clients to create a shared vision for the space. We take your Pinterest board of yard ideas and use our expertise about design and horticulture to create a plan that works for your space and your life.

Crafting Your Paradise

A collaboration with Palazzo Landscape Design means your backyard paradise will look great for years to come. We know what materials and plants to use to get the look you want—while making sure they suit the space and our climate. Through training and experience, we know which trees, shrubs, and plants will grow best here.

We also consider your lifestyle, how you use your yard, what maintenance you’re ready to sign up for (or not), privacy and drainage issues, and how you move around in the space.

Whether you need a consultation, detailed plans, or a helping hand all the way through installation, Palazzo Landscape Design makes the process all about you.

Meet the Founder

Christyn Palazzo

More than a decade ago, Christyn discovered a passion for plants and landscape design. She expanded her knowledge by working in a greenhouse for five seasons and began designing yards for friends and family. Christyn enrolled in the University of Guelph’s landscape design program, and completed her University of Saskatchewan Master Gardener certification.

In 2013, Christyn founded Palazzo Landscape Design to help busy people have a fun, easy, and stress-free landscaping experience. She combines her MBA and 15 years’ corporate experience with her knowledge of landscaping to give clients an outdoor living space they love. Whether working in residential or commercial properties, Christyn’s greatest joy is giving people a space that reflects their style so well that they can’t wait to create new memories there.