Build Your Vision

We’ve created the landscape design of your dreams, but you need a landscaper to bring the dream to life. Even managing the project with the landscaper can be a job bigger than you can handle.

As with any construction project, having someone on-site and ready to make decisions can make the process go faster and smoother.

You have a plan… Now what?


On-site project coordination.

Palazzo Landscape Design will coordinate your landscape project for you. We ensure the project stays true to the design we created with you, while you get peace of mind that any issues are handled quickly and effectively.


Experienced construction partners.

Palazzo Landscape Design is pleased to partner with Backyard Escapes to give our customers a design-build landscaping experience in Regina. You get the highest quality installation, the expertise of an on-site designer and horticulture expert, and easy communication with a single point of contact.


Collaboration you can count on.

We visit the site daily to oversee the site layout, plant placement, and finishing details. Our understanding of your design means we can answer any question the landscapers may have. We can quickly navigate any issues so you don’t have to worry; we treat every yard as carefully as we would our own.

Ready to take the next step?