Collaborating to Bring Your Design Dreams to Life

Palazzo Landscape Designs + Backyard Escapes = A Full-Service Landscaping Experience

The unique skill we bring to a landscaping project is the ability to create an overall vision for your space that combines your wants and needs with our knowledge of flow, scale, functionality, and plant materials. We are here to provide you with a plan to achieve the look and feel you want, while working within your budget and the natural constraints of the space.

Installation is a key part of bringing that carefully crafted vision to life. And after many years of working with landscapers around Regina, we are proud to have a partnership with Backyard Escapes to give our clients an easy, design-build landscaping experience in Regina. This collaboration puts a landscape designer and horticulture expert on-site as part of the installation team, ensuring you get a high-quality installation and easy communication with a single point of contact.

We trust our partners at Backyard Escapes to execute the vision we create with our clients. We know they have the skills to handle the installation, while staying true to the design principles and aesthetic details we’ve discussed with our clients. Add in the in-depth knowledge of horticulture that we bring, and you can rest assured that the end result will be a yard you’ll love to use.

This collaboration makes everyone’s life easier: the client, the designer, and the installer. You don’t have to manage the installation; we visit the site daily to oversee the site layout, plant placement, and finishing details. Our installation partners get the answers they need quickly and have an expert on-site to tackle any issues that may come up. And as designers, we take comfort in knowing that Backyard Escapes have the technical skills to ensure you get the outdoor paradise we’ve dreamt up together.

When our clients tell us they need installation help, we will always recommend Backyard Escapes. If you hire us to coordinate the project, we handle the details. Imagine someone else doing all this for you:

  • Preparing price information
  • Spray painting the site layout as per our design plan
  • Finalizing paving stone style and colour
  • Finalizing lighting fixtures and placement
  • Plant placement
  • Selecting finishing details, such as water features, boulders, etc.
  • Site supervision to ensure installation follows the intent of the design and handle last-minute issues or changes

Sounds good, right? Hiring Palazzo Landscape Design to coordinate installation with Backyard Escapes, gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your designer understands what you want and communicates well with a quality installer. You just get to enjoy the end result without all the hassle in the middle.

Like the sound of a full-service landscaping experience? We’d love to chat!