It’s easy to confuse a landscaper and a landscape designer, but we like to think of landscape designers as the brainy sibling: Before the installers can haul the rocks and drive the skid steer, we do the prep work and planning—so they can have all the fun!

We want to fully understand your vision and needs for your outdoor living space. We ask lots of questions to get to know you, visit the site (in person or virtually), and combine all that information with our knowledge of design and horticulture to make a cohesive, doable plan. Then, we can also help the installers bring the plan to life, and troubleshoot issues on-site.

In short, because we can make your life easier. We combine knowledge about design and plants to create a plan that gets it right the first time. Whether you’re intimidated by a new yard (been there, done that), or don’t know how to turn your boring yard into one you love, we can help. You might have some ideas—a nice deck, raised veggie boxes, a fire pit, somewhere for the kids to play—but tying it all together can be a challenge. And that’s where we come in!

In our opinion, a consultation is a VITAL step to getting you a yard you actually use. Whether you hire a professional landscaper or go DIY for the installation, you need to know what the big picture looks like. We don’t build our houses without a blueprint, so why should our yard be any different?

We help you get more than just a beautiful yard; we create plans that consider your lifestyle, how you want to use the space, your taste, how much maintenance you want to do, issues such as privacy or drainage, and how it all works together. We have the knowledge to give you options that suit your budget, preferences, and site conditions.

And last but not least: We know plants! Years of training and greenhouse experience have made us very familiar with what grows well in Saskatchewan (and in the various areas of your yard). We can help you avoid putting the wrong plant in the wrong spot, or help you add to what you already love.

While we always consider our clients’ needs and tastes, we tend to gravitate toward clean lines, and a sleek, modern, contemporary design style. We also love mixing materials, textures, plants, and colours to reflect your style and complement your home’s exterior aesthetic. You can check out our portfolio to see the types of yards we’ve designed in the past (or to get some ideas for your own yard).

We find it helpful to have an initial consultation when construction begins. This gives us plenty of time to determine your vision for your yard, and create the plan to bring that vision to life. Though the grade of the property will change as the house is built, we can still figure out the layout and consider hardscaping materials, plants, and many other details in advance. Then once the ground is settled, we can make the most of the non-winter months to get your yard ready as quickly as possible.

Before our consultation, we have you fill out a questionnaire that helps us decide what services work best for your needs and budget. We also ask loads of questions to help determine your vision, needs, and site considerations. This article can help get you thinking and gathering the details we need to build a plan for your outdoor paradise.

We are happy to service clients outside of Regina with our new virtual design service! We will communicate from a distance, but otherwise the process is very similar to our on-site consultations. We look at photos and site plans, talk about what you want for your yard, and create the plans you need to make it happen—either through DIY installation or hiring a local landscaper.

Our flexible design process means we can work with a variety of budgets and skill levels. Before our design consultation, we have a discovery call or email conversation with you to help us decide what services work best for your needs and budget, but here’s a basic rundown of our pricing:

  • Front yard design packages start at $895 plus GST.
  • Backyard design packages start at $1,295 plus GST.
  • Full yard design (for properties under 1/3 acre) start at $1,795 plus GST.
  • Large yard and acreage packages start at $1,995 plus GST.

Note: On-site consultation price is for clients within 30km radius of Regina, SK. Designer will travel within Saskatchewan; mileage will be charged at rate of $95/hr.

We are proud to have a partnership with Backyard Escapes to give our Regina clients a full-service landscape experience. We provide the expert plan and project coordination; they bring the equipment and do the heavy lifting (literally!).

When you hire Palazzo Landscape Design to coordinate the project, you get experts working together to make your outdoor paradise a reality. You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your designer understands what you want, communicates well with the installer, and you just get to enjoy the end result without all the hassle in the middle.

Check out this article for more details on how our collaboration works.