Flexible Design Process

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After creating hundreds of landscape designs over the last decade, we’ve learned that our process always depends a bit on the client. Some clients need a hand through the whole process, from finding inspiration to planting the final annual. Others just need someone to help them finesse the details. And there are many somewhere in between.

Palazzo Landscape Design has a process that we can tweak and adjust to fit your needs, expertise, and comfort level. You might go through the whole process with us, or just a couple pieces. But we always start with some important first steps.

1: Contact and questionnaire

So you’ve looked at the website and social media, been referred by a past client, or otherwise decided that we are the landscape design firm for you. Awesome! Thanks for your vote of confidence; now it’s time to get in touch.

The beginning of the process involves a tonne of questions. Our design questionnaire helps us understand two big things:

  • what you need from us; and
  • what you want from your yard.

Your answers help us understand what services suit your needs and budget. Then we can decide what comes next, and how to make the most of every dollar.

It’s also the first step to getting you an outdoor space you love so much that you actually use it. We want you to be proud of your front yard when you pull into your driveway, and for your backyard to beckon you into it. To create a yard that reflects your style and personality, and serves as a usable, enjoyable outdoor space, we need get to know you—hence all the questions. To help you prepare for the questionnaire and the consultation, check out this article that explains what information we need to know.

2: Consultation (on-site or virtual)

Once we’ve gone over the questionnaire, it’s time to book a consultation and look at the site. Whenever possible, we aim for an on-site consultation, but we also offer virtual design services.

For us, this consultation is the most crucial step in our process. It gives us a chance to take a good look at the site, discuss your vision, and share thoughts about layout, site conditions, materials—so be prepared for more questions!

3: Initial Design Concept

At this point, the ball is in our court. By now, we will have decided what type of concept you’ll receive. They range from a basic hand-drawn sketch, to scaled 2D drawings, detailed planting plans, and 3D renderings. What type of plan you need depends on factors such as budget, who will do the installation, and how easily we can envision the new space.

It usually takes us a few weeks to get the initial design concept to you. The more prepared you are during the questionnaire and consultation phases (having inspiration photos, access to a site plan/surveyor’s certificate, etc.), the smoother it is for us to prepare the initial design.

4: Client review & Design revisions

Next up, it’s your turn to tell us what you think of the initial design. It is your yard, after all! Though we treat every design with as much care as we would our own, you need to love the design too—so this is your chance to let us know what you love and what you would change. You can give us your feedback by phone or email, or we can come out to the site if necessary.

And of course, the sooner you can give us your revisions, the sooner we can tackle them and move on to the next step.

5: Final plan

We take your feedback and incorporate it into the final design plan. A full yard design (i.e., not a hand-drawn sketch) includes all the information you need to prepare for installation of your new yard!

  • Final design plan with dimensions
  • If requested, 3D renderings
  • Detailed planting plan, including how many of each plant you need
  • Plant catalogue, including images
  • Suggested materials and design concepts
  • Materials list, including approximate amounts for paving stones, rock, soil, etc.
  • Suggestions for contractors and suppliers, tailored to your design, budget, and timeline
  • If you’re planning to hire a landscaper, a quote from our exclusive partner, Backyard Escapes

6: Installation

Yep, we can even help you bring the design to life. After many years of working with landscapers around Regina, we developed a partnership with Backyard Escapes to give our clients the full-service landscape experience. We provide the expert plan and project coordination; they bring the equipment and do the heavy lifting (literally!).

Hiring Palazzo Landscape Design to coordinate the project means experts working together to make your outdoor paradise a reality. You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your designer understands what you want, communicates well with the installer, and you just get to enjoy the end result without all the hassle in the middle.

7: Check-ins and Maintenance

We already check in periodically on all plant materials we install during the one-year warranty period, but sometimes our clients need a hand with planting, shaping or trimming their shrubs and trees, or getting the yard ready for big seasonal changes. It’s kind of like teachers or babysitters checking in on kids as they get older; we just want them to do well and grow up right, so we will do what we can to help.

At Palazzo Landscape Design, we can help through every step of the process: Design. Build. Maintain.

Ready to start the design process? Get in touch!