Check-ins and Maintenance

Make sure your space looks its best

Outsource The Green Thumb.

From seasonal planters to getting things in the ground (and making sure they thrive there), we can get your yard growing. Our planting service applies to annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. All installed plant materials have a one-year warranty, and we check it periodically through the warranty period.

Staying in Shape.

Sometimes our shrubs and bushes need a little help getting the shape we are looking for. Whether you have a particular, ornamental, look in mind, or just want the plants looking clean and neat, we can clip them into shape.

Trees may need a little help too, especially if they are becoming a safety hazard or blocking sunlight. We handle light pruning, and can work with an arborist for large jobs (including stump grinding).

Seasons Change; So Does Your Yard.

Getting ready for winter and cleaning up your yard after winter is gone are big jobs for prairie landscapes, and we are here to help! On top of the planting and trimming/shaping services, we can help you get your yard ready for the big season changes by removing/replacing dead plant materials and topping up mulch, rock, and soil as required.

Keeping your outdoor space beautiful can often take more than just a few passes with a lawnmower. Palazzo Landscape Design offers a variety of services to help your yard look sharp from spring to fall.

Our services include:

  • seasonal cleanup
  • planting help
  • shrub and tree trimming/shaping